James Campbell

I would rate him 9/10 for comedy because some of his jokes were too funny and it made my face hurt.

Hello.  Welcome to my website.  I am a children's author, storyteller and comedian.

I'm probably best known for my Funny Life books but I do other things too.  

I spend a lot of time travelling around schools, theatres and festivals, inspiring children to write and be more creative.

Here you can find out more about me, about my school visits, read some words I am writing at the moment and maybe even buy one of my books.  All books bought through this website will be personally signed by me and dedicated to you, your child, your dog or whatever.


Who The Flickering Pilchard Am I?

Here are some facts about me.

I live in an off-grid situation in a field somewhere between Colchester and Ipswich.  

I have been a writer since I was seven.  Apparently, one Christmas I demanded a typewriter so I could type my stories.  My Nanny and Grandpa got me a second hand one for Christmas and I just got on with it.

When I was 20 or so, I did some voluntary work in an infants school.  It was there that I learned I had a talent for making up stories and telling them to small-sized people.  One of the teachers' husband was the head a nearby school and he asked how much I would charge to visit his school and tell them some stories.  I realised I might have just invented my own job.  I spent that summer holidays hand-writing 100 letters to my closest 100 schools and then it all began.  Soon I was visiting schools and my stories were growing and improving.

In the year 2000 I did my first show at the Edinburgh Fringe.  It was called James Campbell Is Not Made of Cheese - which is true.  I'm not.  It did very well and the following year I returned.  Not knowing what to call the show though, I came up with Comedy 4 Kids because, hey!  That's what it is.

The show had sold out before I had even started the run and soon agents and producers were falling over themselves to work with me. The next thing I knew I'd been booked to perform at international fringe and comedy festivals. I played Adelaide, Melbourne, Singapore, Malaysia, Florida, Winnipeg and Vancouver.  I even did a month in New York City in an off-broadway theatre right next to the Lion King.

Back at home I was also extremely privileged to perform my Comedy 4 Kids show at the South Bank Centre, the Hay Festival and so many other theatres and festivals.

Next, of course, came the books.  First it was Boyface and then The Funny Life books published by Bloomsbury.  

These days I try and manage a balance between looking after my children, visiting schools and theatres; and creating a food forest at Thistle Doo.  My next book will be Don't Panic: We CAN Save The Planet which comes out on Thursday 15th February,  2024, published by Bloomsbury. 

You can pre-order a copy here: Don't Panic! We CAN Save The Planet: : James Campbell: Bloomsbury Children's Books